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Soda Ash feeders

Soda Ash refill & maintenance

Mixing Directions

In a 5 gallon container, mix 1 heaping cup of soda ash per gallon of hot water. After mixing thoroughly, pour solution into the holding tank. repeat this until the holding tank is full. You should bleed the pump after each refill to insure there is no air in the lines.

It is very important to use hot water so the soda ash will dissolve and not solidify on the bottom of the holding tank.

Bleeding the pump

If the pump is not pumping solution there may be air trapped in the lines. If this happens the pump will have to be air bled. Refer to page 6 in your manual while following the directions below.
  1. While pump is running, turn adjustment screw (bleed valve) counter clockwise.
  2. Run with valve open until a solid stream of fluid comes out of the bypass tubing.
  3. Close air bleed valve by turning adjustment screw (bleed valve) clockwise.

Water testing

The pH of the water should be tested to ensure the pump is working properly

Pump stroke adjustment

If the pump needs to be adjusted use the dial on the backside of the pump. Turn the dial up 10% if the pH is too low. Turn the dial down 10% if the pH is too high. The pump must be running while making these adjustments.
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