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Acid Neutralizers

Neutralite refill

  1. Bypass your system or turn off main water supply.
  2. With a screwdriver push in and turn red button on timer control counter clockwise to backwash to relieve pressure on valve.
  3. Disconnect pipes and drain tube from back of control valve.
  4. Spin control valve off, counter clockwise.
  5. Siphon water out of tank to level of neutralite.
  6. Be sure to cover distributor hole in center of tank with a crumpled paper towel or distributor cap so no neutralite falls down the hole.
  7. Refill neutralite up to 8 inches from the lip of the tank. Caution: Do not over fill tank.
  8. Apply a small amount of silicone to tank threads and black O-ring on bottom of control valve then Spin control valve back on tank, clockwise, just until snug.
  9. Reconnect pipes and drain tube to back of control valve.
  10. SLOWLY turn water back on, keeping valve in backwash position to flush out air and fines (from neutralite) out of tank.
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