Portasoft of Morris County, Inc.

Morris County: (973) 584-1549
Sussex County: (973) 579-1321
Toll Free: (800) 742-3794

About Us


To help homeowners, businesses, and industries of all kinds control and improve the quality of the water they use; by providing quality equipment, educated personnel, and excellent service.

We specialize in hard water, iron or rusty water, acid water or low pH, bacteria and chemical removal. Call us today, we can help!


  • Educate the consumer
  • Help the consumer diagnose their water problems
  • Help the consumer select the right treatment equipment for their individual needs
  • Provide the consumer with excellent service and support

Our History

Back in 1945, Omer Miller and John Nooney launched the Portasoft Company in Westfield, New Jersey.

Mike Kinney and Sheba

Future Portasoft GM Mike Kinney and dog Sheba, pictured in front of a "Kinney's Coil Cleaning Service" van. That company was started in 1975 by Rob Kinney of Bergen County, NJ.

In 1977, Rob Kinney relocates to Dover, NJ and establishes Portasoft of Morris County, an authorized Portasoft Dealership.

Ledgewood location

After several years of growth, Portasoft of Morris County relocates to Route 46 in Ledgewood, NJ where they succeeded for 11 years.

Portasoft today

In 1994, after growing to a customer base of over 10,000 satisfied customers, Portasoft expands its facilities to its current location of 578 Route 46 East in Kenvil, NJ.

Later in that same year, Portasoft teamed up with the world's largest manufacturer of quality residential water treatment equipment and becomes an authorized EcoWater dealership.

With our lasting commitment to water quality technology and excellent customer service, Portasoft continues to remain New Jersey's oldest and largest water conditioning company. Here at Portasoft, we treat you and your water right.

EcoWater Systems

Water Quality Association

Agra Environmental and Laboratory Services

Eastern Water Quality Association

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency